Vice President, Innovation & Partnerships at ZTE

Jeff Yee is a 25-year veteran in the mobile industry and an author, with expertise in product management, business development and marketing. Yee serves as the VP of innovation and partnerships at ZTE, where he is responsible for identifying new wireless technologies and trends for ZTE's consumer devices, and managing internal and external partners to bring such innovation to market.

Prior to ZTE, Yee served as VP of channels at Moovweb, where he created the partner ecosystem for developers utilizing Moovweb's platform to develop mobile applications. He also spent time at Antenna Software, Volantis and Treemo Labs designing or working with developers to create hundreds of popular applications and sites available today on the mobile internet.

During the early days of the mobile internet, Yee served as AT&T’s director of mobile commerce, where he was responsible for the first portal and app store for mobile commerce applications. In 2006, his success in his field inspired him to write Making Money on the Mobile Internet, a guide for developers writing applications for the booming mobile commerce industry. Today, Yee continues his writing in the fields of energy and physics.

Yee holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii and an MS in Management from Antioch University.


  • Location : San Francisco, USA